Saturday, March 26, 2011

H.E.A.R.T ~

~ Guide me Ya Allah ~

I lean this burden, to the wing of night,
 Soothing my mind,
Counting for the little stars,
And looking at the big yellow moon with silvery light,
Hoping for the serene, be there to accompany me...

I gasping so many times,
Throwing away all the predicament,
As far as I can,
The mess that always makes me drowning,
Even I know I can't,

I close my eyes,
Hope it will be vanished and fly away,
Like a dream...
But it's too hard,
Guilty and frustrated
Chasing me along the way,
Grab my lonely and empty heart,
Never let me escape,

I feel so tired,
To face it all,
 My himmah like hiding away,
Behind the fog of zulumat,
It's so hard to keep this heart and soul,
 Pure and beauty..
As pure as a white roses,
As beauty as a bunch of red roses,
In a garden of Iman...

I'm talking to myself,
Crying in my heart,
'Oh Allah! I'm the prisoner'
In the cage of sin
Dear Allah Almighty
My Creator...
Forgive me when I whine,
Forgive me when I'm ungrateful,
Forgive me when I disobey You,
Forgive me when I'm being bad,

Oh Allah..~
 Lead me to the light,
Lead me to the right path,
Shower me with Your Taufiq,
Enlighten me with Your Words,
Remind me with all the beautiful Verses and Tarbiyyah,
So that I have a chance to be a good and true Muslim,
And strong enough to face all the mehnah,
And this faith of mine will be there still,
In Jannatul Firdaus... 

~Hamba illahi~
4.10 a.m
26 March 2011
L5, K14, UPM